Thursday, April 23, 2015

Facts About The Thomas Jay Oord Endowed Scholarship

There will be a Thomas Jay Oord Endowed Scholarship at Northwest Nazarene University!
Thomas JaOordy Oord is a theologian, philosopher, and scholar of multi-disciplinary studies. He is the author or editor of more than twenty books, and he is professor at Northwest Nazarene University, in Nampa, Idaho. Oord is known for his contributions to research on love, altruism, open and relational theology, issues in science and religion, Wesleyan/Holiness/Church of the Nazarene thought, New Evangelical theology, and postmodernism. He is or has been president of several scholarly societies.
UPDATE 5:53 p.m. on 4/23/15:
Total given through GiveStorm: $7670
Total given through NNU: 2450
My sense of God’s voice was true, and one alumnus gave $1,000 to get us over the top.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow
Praise him all people here below
Praise him above ye heavenly host
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
UPDATE: 4:45 p.m. on 4/23/15 The donation amount for the matching $1,000 gift has been met. 
“All our dedication and hard work to establish a scholarship in Dr. Oord’s name is paying off, and we are in the home stretch for the initial endowment!
With the matching gift, our total now stands at $9020, just $980 short of full endowment in just three days! You Guys Are Amazing! ‪#‎letsfinishthis‬
UPDATE: 9:26 a.m. 4/23/15  From the Idaho Press Tribune: Individuals aim to raise $10,000 for NNU professor scholarship … LINK:
UPDATE: 8:07 p.m. 4/22/15  Donations: 74 – Raised: $7,025.00 – not counting offline donations, matching gifts and those sent directly to Northwest Nazarene University.
UPDATE: 2:00 p.m 4/22/15  Matching Gifts, Posted on the Support Thomas Jay Oord Facebook Page.
NOTE: The matching gifts began at $6680 GiveStorm and $250 NNU. Total $6930, not counting the pledge.
MATCHING GIFTS! Katie Royston Salisbury and I I just received a note (Wednesday, April 22 at 1:30 pm) from an anonymous benefactor who writes the following:
“Tom & Cheryl Oord have made numerous contributions over the years to the lives of students, faculty colleagues, staff, alumni, and the church. My wife and I have attended Nazarene colleges, sent our kids there, taught & worked for them, and now pastor a Nazarene church. We want to give in some meaningful way to show our support for the work Tom & Cheryl pour into the hearts and minds of the next generation of Nazarene leaders. To that end, we will match the next $1,000 of new contributions up to $1,000. Our hope and prayer is our small token of thanks for Tom & Cheryl’s life’s work will influence students at NNU for generations to come.”
Let’s get this over the $10,000 goal!
A reporting of all donations will be submitted to Northwest Nazarene University.
Below is my email that was sent in the morning of Wednesday April 22, to NNU’s Office of University Advancement. It answers a lot of the frequently asked questions about this effort.
Thank you for your talk and help on the phone. We all love NNU and simply want to make sure procedures are followed and the all communication is clear.
This email is to summarize our conversation.
NNU alumnus Katie Royston Salisbury is donating money to NNU for a Thomas Jay Oord endowed scholarship. To raise awareness and extra money, I helped Katie draft a Givestorm page.
It took off and as of this email around $6,000 has been donated. GiveStorm takes a 4.7% commission which needs to be factored into our goal amount.
We have removed the language from the GiveStorm site that said that anyone who donates will receive a receipt directly from NNU.
We have kept the language that says all donors and donations will be reported to NNU. I will update that site again shortly for further clarity. Just to clarify, the ability to create this report is dependent on the capabilities of GiveStorm and the information they capture when someone donates through their site. In other words, if NNU does not receive accurate or complete information, it inhibits their ability to respond to the donor.
We will continue to make clear on the Givestorm page and in other forums that money donated there goes directly to Katie, and then she will be responsible for donating and reporting that money to NNU. REMINDER: donations already processed through GiveStorm are not eligible for a tax deductible receipt from NNU as the donation was given directly to Katie (not NNU) through the conduit (GiveStorm). Katie will be responsible for any tax reporting or implications as these funds are designated to deposit to her directly.
We will also indicate in several forums that anyone who wishes to receive a receipt directly from NNU or any applicable IRS deductions for this initiative, should donate through the NNU portal and earmark it for the Thomas Jay Oord Endowed Scholarship.
After our goal of $10,000 or more is raised. Katie and other interested parties will continue to work with the Office of University Advancement to discuss administration of the Thomas Jay Oord Endowed Scholarship; within the confines of NNU endowment policy. There are also number of open questions what would need to be addressed in order to finalize the endowment.
Michael Strickland
The following links contain other dialogues about the scholarship from the Support Tom Oord and NNU group:
1) Michael Strickland – “Will you help?”
2) Katie Royston Salisbury – “Tonight as I was thinking about the progress of funding the Thomas J. Oord Graduate Theology Endowed Scholarship, I realized that most of you don’t know me or my story …”
3) Michael Strickland – “NOTE: The matching gifts began at $6680 GiveStorm and $250 directly to NNU. Total: $6930, not counting the pledge …”
4) Michael Strickland – Discussion of Idaho Press Tribune article about scholarship:
5) Katie Royston Salisbury – “SCHOLARSHIP and MATCHING GIFT update …”
6) Katie Royston Salisbury – “All our dedication and hard work to establish a scholarship in Dr. Oord’s name is paying off, and we are in the home stretch for the initial endowment!”
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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Taste of Success: Free First Friday Luncheon at NLP Secure / Max Giving This Friday

This is a great event that I absolutely love going to.

Do you love the taste of success?

HOST:  NLP Secure and MaxGiving 
WHEN: Friday, April 3rd from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM 
WHERE: NLP Secure & MaxGiving Headquarters 
7225 W Franklin Rd. Boise, ID 83709 208-498-1666 

The food is great. The people are fun. The networking is second to none!
Mingle with some of the finest people in the Treasure Valley.

Come on out and meet the stars of the NLP Secure and MaxGiving Team!

You will be glad you did.

Friday, March 13, 2015

LiveRez CEO Tracy Lotz is A Pioneer of Vacation Rental Technology and Online Marketing

by Michael Strickland

Every once in a while, an innovator comes along whose work is so unique and useful that it turns heads in all corners of the business world.

Tracy Lotz is one such innovator.

A 20-year veteran of the industry, Lotz has helped pioneer a number of advancements in the vacation rental space. In 1994, he created one of the industry's first websites where professional managers could list their properties online. In the mid-2000s, he helped bring online bookings to the industry. And in 2008, he launched LiveRez, the first truly all-in-one, cloud-based software platform for vacation rental managers.

Just six years later, LiveRez is now the most widely used cloud-based software platform for professional vacation rental managers.

His most recent project is another landmark effort. At the company's recent conference for its users (called partners), Lotz announced the ongoing development of, the first major website in the industry that will feature only professionally managed inventory that is 100 percent bookable online in real time.

Popular on the speaking circuit, Lotz was a highlight of the VRMA Annual Conference last October. He detailed important changes coming to the industry and highlight some of the new innovations being developed at LiveRez. Founder and CEO Tracy Lotz congratulates Margy Roe of Ocean Properties and Vacation Rentals, Inc. on winning's iPad 2 giveaway.

"We empower professional vacation rental management companies to efficiently reach new customers, manage properties, reservations, accounting, housekeeping, maintenance, owners, and other mission-critical aspects of their businesses," said Lotz. "Through our partnership, property managers increase bookings, profitability, and guest satisfaction. Our commitment it to make the most of this partnership with each of our customers."

To learn more about, please call (800) 343-2891 or visit And, to receive timely updates from the company, follow on Facebook, Twitter (@LiveRez) and Google+, or visit the company's vacation rental software blog. is a proud Gold Sponsor of the Vacation Rental Manager's Association (VRMA).

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Doug and Cam Gross: Passion, Health and Advocare

Photo Credit: Cy Gilbert
I recently had the pleasure of meeting Doug and Cam Gross at a Local Impact Zone Power Breakfast. I was impressed by their passion for what they do.

As an Advocare user myself, I have experienced the many benefits of their products.

AdvoCare builds Champions® through physical and financial wellness. Backed by the latest science, AdvoCare provides innovative nutritional, weight-management, sports performance and skin care products. In addition, the AdvoCare business opportunity empowers individuals to explore their ultimate earning potential. AdvoCare was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Plano, Texas.

 Ten principles guide Advocare's direction and are the basis of their success:
1) Honor God through our faith, family and friends.
2) Respect and strengthen the family.
3) Believe in the dignity and the importance of the individual.
4) Create a standard of excellence recognized as superior by the direct sales industry.
5) Believe that honor, integrity and principles are the foundation of a great life and company.
6) Commit to mutual loyalty and trust between AdvoCare and its Distributors.
7) Establish and continually improve the vehicle of opportunity and the pursuit of financial freedom for all AdvoCare Distributors.
8) Commit to ongoing personal growth and development through professional training and educational programs.
9) Build self-esteem by promoting a sense of personal worth among all people.
10) Continually expand our market by providing the most effective and highest quality products and service available.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tiffany LaRocque Creates Beauty Wherever She Goes

"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art." - Ralph Waldo Emerson 

What makes a great model? There are issues of size, shape, and a well proportioned figure. Also essential is a face that speaks to people's taste for true beauty. But often, a model’s success is determined by their attitude.  Many gorgeous models have hindered their success by not being 100% committed.

That is why the relentless passion and drive of one of Boise's top stars has long caught the attention of many around the arts and creative scene.

Gorgeous model, entertainer, event organizer, and all-around dynamo Tiffany LaRocque is one of those women who constitutes the complete package. She is a great model and a great role model. Experience, personality. community outreach and terrific looks are all traits that she holds in abundance!

Who is this amazing woman, Tiffany LaRocque?

First, she is Senior Organizer/Administrator and booking agent at Red Carpet Productions. She's dynamic and smart, the type of performer who could be cast as many different characters.

Models need to be confident in everything they do. Tiffany's poses are eye-catching and stunning. But in reality, they are just her personality coming out. Her colors always blend perfectly with each assignment she is modeling for.

The styles of Tiffany's clothes, her backgrounds, and the angles -- all suggest a very wide range of times, places, paradigms -- complex themes that are intelligent and sensual.

Tiffany also works as Senior Organizer/Administrator  and booking agent for IPAP Entertainment. And she is a model, actress and assistant at Urban Talent Boise. and is  the Head of Live Entertainment for Artists Unleashed at The Powerhouse Event Center.

I first met Tiffany as a result of her work with Amanda Woods of Woods on Fire Innovative Beauty and their work on the wildly popular 2015 Cruisin Biker Wear calender.

A recent article sums up women like these: "It’s the quality that elevates a woman from just hot or sexy," according to Elite Daily. "It’s in the way she walks, talks and presents herself. It’s the way she radiates from the inside, out. It’s her soul and her spark and that thing you just can’t put your finger on."

She is classy, unique and always full of energy.

Tiffany LaRocque is the quintessential high quality woman.

Experience MOMIX reMIX: The Best of MOMIX Friday at the Morrison Center

"There are two ways of spreading light," wrote Edith Wharton, "to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."
I always love creative, innovative and inventive art. That is why I am so excited to experience MOMIX reMIX: The Best of MOMIX at the Morrison Center - THIS FRIDAY! 8:00 PM.

They are the mirror that reflects the light, as they create their own.

For over 30 years, MOMIX has astounded audiences with their amazing performance. Lights, Shadows, the Human Body. You don't want to miss this!

I simply can't wait to see this show!

Known internationally for presenting work of exceptional inventiveness and physical beauty, MOMIX is a company of dancer-illusionists under the direction of Moses Pendleton. In addition to stage performances world-wide, MOMIX has worked in film and television, recently appearing in a national commercial for Hanes underwear and a Target ad that premiered during the airing of the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

Tickets at or 426-1110

Take a peak now:

With a performance like the one in that video on the way, I can practically feel the excitement in this community. The Morrison center is a great venue and has delivered the best entertainment yet again!

For those who are not familiar with this show, here is more about the company. With performances on PBS's "Dance in America" series, France's Antenne II, and Italian RAI television, the company's repertory has been broadcast to 55 countries. Joining the Montreal Symphony in the Rhombus Media film of Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition, winner of an International Emmy for Best Performing Arts Special, the company's performance was distributed on laser disc by Decca Records.

It is fascinating to think about the fact that with nothing more than light, shadow, props, and the human body, MOMIX has astonished audiences on five continents for more than 30 years.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Leaders in Change and Innovation: Brett Labit of Local Impact Zone

Why I Love Networking

There is something about the energy, the people, the multiple learning experiences, and the overall fun of networking events that has had me hooked on them for years. And in our increasingly global society, I had been seeking out ways to connect that went beyond mere gatherings.

Brett Labit on Networking

That is why Brett Labit of Local Impact Zone (LIZ) has rapidly become my favorite networking guru. His messages and trainings are packed with insightful and useful ideas, like this one from his blog:
Be a connector of People -It is more important that you take the time and energy at an event to introduce and edify people to others. In order to do this properly, you really need to know the positive attributes of the person you are introducing ... The group will begin to respect and appreciate you. This also begins the process of trust and we can all agree that trust is a key ingredient to earning clients. - Brett Labit in Keys to Networking #1 The Power is in the Seed not the Sower.

Why Brett and LIZ Matter

Change is inevitable. But some people sit back and let changes take them places. Others adapt to the change. However, people at the highest level lead the change. This article is the first in a series about leaders in change and innovation.
Brett is one such leader.

How I Met LIZ

I was first introduced to LIZ many months ago at their power breakfasts in Nampa and Boise, Idaho. Since then, the operation has gone international. Darwin said that survival of the fittest applies to those who are most adaptable to change. But what about those who don't merely seek to survive? Picture a small business owner with a family, whose desire is to thrive.

Featured on Huffington Post Blog

"With more and more people building lives and careers away from their hometown, city or country, people are turning to networking as a way to build new communities of support, family and inspiration, writes Julie Barnes in a Huffington Post article called "The Evolution of Business Networking." "I recently heard Brett Labit speak on this very topic. Brett is the founder of Local Impact Zone, whose mission is to create unified communities where giving, serving and caring are at the core of interaction."

Why This Innovation Matters

To remain competitive in today’s fast-changing markets, all businesses need to be innovative. Simply developing new technologies into new products or services is not enough. New models are needed for doing business in the face of change. Labit and LIZ change the rules of the game. They are a complete social community designed to help entrepreneurs and professionals grow their business. By participating in many of their free experiences, I have seen how this strategy for success is powerful and effective.

Advice From The Networking Guru

"It is better to give than to receive but receiving is necessary in order for someone else to have the opportunity to give," writes Brett in a blog entry called What We learned about the Law of Reciprocity. "In order to receive a quantum exponential effect to your business and life from a Power Network, you have to embrace the perspective, needs and philosophies of THE POWER NETWORK. It will not work if everyone takes and no one gives."

The Creativity Age

For example, the buzz around LIZ circles in which I have been included suggests a myriad of creative ways for businesses to get ahead. I'm a participant in their online community which hosts discussions, groups, member profiles, and other resources. On the site, I was recently pointed to an article by Dan Coughlin of who said:

The world has evolved from the Stone Age to the Agricultural Age to the Industrial Age to the Information Age to the Creativity Age. This era is relatively new. It began with the proliferation of the Internet and e-mail and has gained speed ever since with technologies that have connected people all over the world and given people the opportunities to do things they could never have done before. The Creativity Age caused massive upheaval for many organizations and individuals and shut down many businesses. It certainly upended many people’s otherwise wonderful careers. It cut across national borders, shrunk the planet, and changed how organizations and individuals interact with each other. It also created enormous opportunities for people all over the world… …and the crazy thing is its impact is only going to get bigger and biggervalue creation and value enhancement.

Enhancing Value

LIZ Social Marketplace puts businesses in a position to create and enhance value to the extent they choose. It was great to start of this Leaders in Change and Innovation series with a deep thinker like Brett, who also has a long track record of success in helping others.